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Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting My Rocks Off, a.k.a. My First Artist Date (Repost)

In case you missed my last post, I started the The Artist's Way: The Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity  (post)Twelve-Week Challenge. (Want to try it yourself? Click Here.) One of the required Tasks is a weekly Artist Date. I've done this before, but feel the need to do another run-through. My Artist Dates this time through, though, are quite boring; drawing and crochet projects. This is a repost from a much more interesting 'Date'.
Artist Date: Basically, a play date with your Inner Child. Otherwise known as Filling The Well. Must be performed solo; no buddy/child/significant other. ME-Time. Well, Me and Inner Child Time;-)

Artist Date Week One:

Inner Child: It's time for our play date!
Me: But I have all these errands to run. How about later in the week?
Inner Child: (whining) Tomorrow you have plans, Thursday is Alison's grad, Friday you have to drive her all the way to the airport in Calgary, and you hate being in town on the weekends...
Me: Okay, okay.
Inner Child: Yeah Me! You know where I want to go. We're going shoppin'! We're goin' shoppin'!
Me: Just don't let this get too expensive.

Ten minutes later at Josee's Hand made Imports:
IC: I wanna see the rocks.
Me: Let's check out all the new items they have in. Look at these fairy sculptures; aren't they cute? And these carved wood dragon statues. They're gorgeous! These metal sculptures - is that what they refer to as 'steampunk'?
IC: I wanna see the rocks!
Me:You have lots of rocks at home. You filled that crystal sugar bowl, plus you have them scattered all over the house.
IC: I just wanna look...
Me:Just for a minute.

Half-an-hour and $50+ of stones and crystals later:
IC: See? That lady likes rocks just as much as I do.
Me: Maybe she just likes selling rocks to chumps like me.
IC: But these are so pretty! Let's go check them out in our book at home and see what POWERS they have!
Me: Properties. What Properties they have.
IC: POWERS! Powerspowerspowers!

At home at my desk with new purchases spread out in front of me:
(In walks my youngest daughter:) "What'ca doin'?"
Me: (Scurrying to cover up rocks.) "Nothing."
YD: "OOh! New rocks! Can I  see?"
IC: But they're mine!
Me: Play nice.

Ten minutes later:
IC: She took my pretty green malachite and my lucky soapstone elephant!
Me: Green is her favorite color, not yours. Here. This sodalite wand is a real pretty blue...
IC: I bet she took my Jade Buddha.
ME: We gave her that. Look at the time! I forgot to take meat out for supper. Let's go get some frozen burger patties out of the deep freeze.
IC:(whining) But I wanna play with my rocks!

Another ten minutes later:
Me:(Finding myself on my haunches in the driveway) What did I come outside for again?
IC: Somethin' about burgers in the freezer in the garage. But look at these cool rocks! Right here in our gravel!

*Tisk.* Kids.

Where does your inner child take you?


Anonymous said...

Lol! Lovely outing, but your date has expensive tastes! You'd better rein her in of you won't be able to afford writing paper ;)

Now you remind me that I haven't fed my inner child in a while. Hmm, what can I fit in this weekend?

keenya said...

My artist date this week is still in the planning stage--pretty bad since its friday--- I think I may do a scrapbook page, boring but think it will make me happy :0)
(my censor popping its head out to judge me)

Cinette said...

notenoughwords - I was thinking the same thing, especially after taking me to a craft store for drawing supplies for next week's date! I'm planning to keep her to stay-at-home-dates for the next few weeks:0) Hope you were able to have a play date of your own this weekend!

keenya - if you're doing something you love to do, how can it be boring? I spent most of mine poring through a manual describing rocks:-D
I find my inner child to be much more fun than my censor, and as I get older, she's also easier to listen to, surprisingly!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Comic book stores :)

I've been heading out on creative excursions a lot lately - finally decided to prioritise me occasionally - it's definitely worth it!
Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

LOL! I need to get in touch with my inner child more. Something about chasing the three outer ones around keeps me acting like an adult. :)

Misha said...

Lol that reminds me. I really have to get round to indulging my inner child sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

My inner child usually takes me some place that irritates my wife. She'll ask what the heck I'm laughing at, but there's just no way to explain it to her.