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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I had a Rider...(Repost)

Riders are basically negotiations that actors and musicians attach to their contracts; you know, like only blue M and M's in the dressing rooms, etc.
That got me to wondering what I would need in order to perform my job as a fantabulous and uber rich and famous (and prolific) writer WRITER. (Let us not forget the capitals;-). I have just one question; who do I send it to?

1) A lakeside cottage with the above aforementioned view, or one similar, in a forested mountain setting.

2) A personal trainer, one with the physique of the actors in '300'. (The better to motivate me...)

3) A personal chef, one schooled in my personal desires and quirky expectations.

4) A stash of All-Dressed potato chips, preferably a closet full.

5) A second storey office in said cottage, with windows on all four sides that open to the mountain breezes.

6) An extensive library of an eclectic variety of books, also in said cottage.

7) An awesome SUV, with all the bells and whistles, to take me to and from said cottage.

8) A Mac computer (I'm told this is necessary) to do my writing on.

9) Hours of uninterrupted bliss to follow my wondering mind.

10) Blue M and M's on the left-hand side of said Mac computer.

I've actually picked out the cottage I want, but dagnabit, someone already lives there;-)

What would be numero uno on your rider?


Carol Kilgore said...

A beach house with goodies as I imagined them :)

Carol Riggs said...

Ha, this is great! I'd need a personal chef, I think, so I wouldn't have to cook. Maybe someone to do my dishes, too. LOL