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Saturday, January 29, 2011

EPIPHANY Served to Me By Youth

I realized this morning that I need to take a page out of my daughter's book. And if you know my daughter Leanna, then you know what book I'm talking about - her day planner. Her life is in that book; her job(s) schedules, voice lessons, mentoring, meetings and workshops, just to name a few things in it. Her sisters tease her boyfriend that he is only 'penciled in'. She's a first year college student studying to be a psychologist, and a leader of her sisters' 4H group, as well as an aspiring singer who is setting up gigs to sing the anthem at sports venues all over town, and is preparing for open mike nights at local watering holes.

Today is her nineteenth birthday. And what was she doing this morning while her friends from out of town were sleeping off last night in our basement? (Birthday party at my place last night.) She was working on a workshop presentation she's putting on for Monday.

"Dear, I'm almost ready to put breakfast on the table. Do you have to haul this stuff all out here now?" (For some reason, my eight foot long kitchen table is barely enough room for her projects.)

"I need to get this done, and now is as good a time as any."

If you knew my daughter, you'd know she rarely watches television, she goes to movies simply to catch up with friends, and she has NEVER uttered the words "I'm bored". She has made sacrifices in the past (not just working on projects on her birthday on Saturday, no less) in order to accomplish what she feels is top priority, like dropping out of volleyball in her senior year to make more time for her singing and mentoring. She LOVED volleyball, but The Grand Ole Opery is her goal, so it had to go. I don't worry about her not having what it takes; ambition and drive, as well as talent, are on her side.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's time for me to make some sacrifices in order to accomplish goals I feel are top priority. And I don't just mean giving up TV. I need to unplug. I love to visit your blogs, learning and laughing and getting my kicks from all the time you all put into your blogs, and I find that is the first thing I come to do when I find time to sit down at the computer,when I should really be doing my writing. (Sniff) I've decided that I need to take a hiatus from blogging, and the Internet in general. I can't say how long that it will be, but I WILL be back. 'Cause I already miss you :-(

I leave you with a sample of Leanna's singing; just know it doesn't sound near as good on tape as it did in person. My husband and I both got chills while she was singing this piece.

This is at a singing competition last spring. She received first place in this grouping, and was asked to perform at the festival's wrap up concert as one of the year's top performers. (Yes, I'm bragging. I'm her mother, so I'm allowed.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's My Birfday

My actual birthday is on Wednesday, but it's shaping up to be another crammed week, so I'll post this today:0)
Even though I already did a post on Resolutions, I have to admit that mine never really get started until after my birthday. That's when MY new year begins, and my 42nd year is supposed to be one of my best!
I know this may sound weird, but I've been looking forward to this year for three or four years now. And honestly, how many of us over 25 look forward to getting older! But I've always known, somehow, that this was going to be an awesome year.
Will I get rid of this extra 20 pounds and get my torn shoulder ligaments healed up? Will I get my plantar fascitis under control and get back to running 15 - 20 miles a week? Will I get my crap together and let my writing take a front seat? Will I find an agent? A publisher?
Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Toilet Flushes...

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Writing and Reading Goals for 2011

I hate to admit it, but I've already screwed up as for as my writing resolutions were for 2011. (And we aren't going anywhere near my exercise and dieting goals!)
Just how hard can it be to get down 250 words a day? Apparently, harder than I thought. But then, I didn't limit it to my fiction, either. I wrote on my Resolutions List that I was to write 250 words a day, be it on blog posts, novels, etc. I'm running with the etc. part. Have you ever written a shopping list to feed and supply four teenage girls? I can drop 250 words there easy. And answering emails? I tried to be wordy without being redundant. Does commenting on blogs count? Maybe I should draw a line there, don't you think?

Anywho, some of my other writing resolutions include; finishing Witches Don't Wear Socks and getting it out there, fleshing out two more novels I have in the oven, and twisting Time Wardens around to where I want it (total revision).

As for last year's reading goals, the results are as follows:
Young Adult novels: 25/24
Writing books: 6/24
Fantasy novels: 26/24
Research books: 0/12
Biographies: 4/12
Writing magazines: 13/60

For 2011, I think I'll stick to:
Young Adult novels: 2/month
Writing books: 1/month
Fantasy novels: 2/month
Research books/Biographies: 1/month
Writing magazines: 2/month

Do You make reading goals for the year? If you do, are they specific?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Teasers - Time Travel Edition

I'm a LITTLE late getting back to you about the answers to the last Tuesday Teasers, I know. Even that bratty little New Year's fella snuck by me without taking down my resolutions for 2011. But that's another post. I believe the last teasers were of the mushy variety, if I recall. The answers are:

1) FLIPPED by Wendelin Van Draanen at and Chapters
2) Reincarnation by Suzzanne Wyen in the US and Chapters
3) Fact of Life #31 by Denise Vega and here And this place

Now on to the first teasers of the New Year! (Yeah, I KNOW it's a week late!) Time travel is an obsession of mine, and if I ever find a way to make it work, I'll let you know. Lord knows there are a few cakes and squares I would like to have avoided this past holiday! Here are the "cover stories" of a few of my time travel novels on my shelves.

1) The strangest things seem to happen to the Hall family. Now their adventure is with time itself. It starts when Eddy receives an unusually large packing crate from his uncle, Prince Krishna, containing an old-fashioned bicycle complete with wicker basket. The bike has more than that, though: It possesses the ability to travel through time!

2) Twelve-year-old A. F. is a millionaire, a genius, and, above all, a criminal mastermind. But even A. doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. These aren't the fairies of bedtime stories; these fairies are armed and dangerous.
A. thinks he has them right where he wants them . . . but then they stop playing by the rules.
Stay back, Human.
You don't know what you're dealing with.

3) Gideon Seymour, thief and gentleman, hides from the villainous Tar Man. Suddenly the sky peels away like fabric and from the gaping hole fall two curious-looking children. Peter Schock and Kate Dyer have fallen straight from the twenty-first century, thanks to an experiment with an antigravity machine. Before Gideon and the children have a chance to gather their wits, the Tar Man takes off with the machine -- and Peter and Kate''s only chance of getting home. Soon Gideon, Peter, and Kate are swept into a journey through eighteenth-century London and form a bond that, they hope, will stand strong in the face of unfathomable treachery.

Are any of these on your bookshelf?