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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Teasers - The Mushy Stuff

Harry Potter update:
I'm halfway through The Philosopher's Stone. Those Dursley's are a dastardly clan! Tell me Harry never has to go back to them! No, don't tell me. I won't have time to finish reading it for a couple of days.

I was surprised that no one guessed all the ZOMBIE novels in last week's teasers.
Yes, the first one is indeed -

1) The Reckonimg by Kelley Armstrong

2) You Are So Dead To Me by Stacey Jay

3) The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

This week, we get into the hot and heavy stuff. At least as hot as they let it get in YA fiction.

1) Bryce: My Mom didn't understand why it was so awful that "that cute girl" had held my hand. She thought I should be friends with her. "You like soccer. Why don't you go out there and kick the ball around?"
Because I didn't want to be kicked around, that's why. And although I couldn't say it like that at the time, I still had enough sense at age seven and a half to know that Julianna Baker was dangerous.
Julianna: What did a kiss feel like anyway? Somehow I knew it wouldn't be like the one I got from Mom or Dad at bedtime. The same species, maybe, but a radically different beast. Like a wolf and a whippet. Only science would put them in the same tree. Looking back, I like to think it was at least partly scientific curiosity that made me chase after that kiss, but it was probably more those blue eyes.
(Steamy enough for you?) ;0)

2) What if love is stronger than time?
What if love is stronger than death?

It starts in prehistory. A young man and a young woman fight over a precious jewel. Their time together is short, but the reverberations are lasting.
Years pass. Generations pass. But fate keeps drawing them together. Whenever their paths cross, there is that strange attraction. That unexplainable affinity. That feeling that they have been together before.
Theirs is a love haunted by history. From Egyptian slavery to Greek society. From Massachusetts witch trials to Civil War battlefields. From Paris in the 1930's to the present day. Circumstances will fight them...but a greater force will reunite them. Because some people are meant for each other - no matter how long it takes.

3) I looked at Abra (Mom) standing near my door. A part of me wanted to tell her about Manny. How I was still crazy about him, how he hardly looked at me except to ask about Spanish homework. How I was still insane over him, and had she ever felt like that? Maybe she'd look at me like she did some of the women, grasping both of my hands in hers, looking in my eyes and saying exactly the right thing to make me know it would be all right.
But we didn't have conversations like that. And if I told her, she'd probably go into some big lecture on female-male attraction and how it would fade eventually and that it wasn't love, which was "far more complex and messy than infatuation," as she'd said to me once.
"Boyfriend," I said. "That's the word I believe you want. And no, I don't have one. Significant or otherwise."

Do any of these steamy teen romance reads ring a bell?


Summer Ross said...

Not for me but, which is very unfortunate, means my nose has been stuck in old literature instead (college classes)

Anonymous said...

I read so much and can't figure these out.

Colene Murphy said...

Awe I knew one and 3 from last week but didn't say! Oh well. I have NO CLUE about these this week.

Yeay for Harry Potter updates! Keep them coming! I love knowing what you think on first impression!

Solvang Sherrie said...

The first one is Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, but I don't know the other two.

Hart Johnson said...

I'm so jealous! Are you reading Harry Potter for the first time?! They really are such FABULOUS books--really and deeply fabulous. After you read them all, you should read them AGAIN, and then you get the WRITING magic as well as the reading magic.

Anf Flipped? Seriously? My son was 'in the movie'! (an extra and we haven't seen it to see if he made the cut, but he was part of the filming.)

Meredith said...

I didn't get any of these! But they've all hooked me :)

Donna Hole said...

Sadly, I've only read Harry Potter; and I'm not well versed in all things HP. However; did you mean THE SORCERES STONE here? I also didn't start Harry Potter right off the bat. I think people were lining up for the third novel PRISONER OF AZKABAN before I picked up the first novel.

I enjoyed the Harry Potter novels, but wasn't too attached to them b/c they are MG/YA. A cute distraction, but I'm more about adult fantasy. (Yeah yeah, I read The Heritage Trilogy. It didn't read like YA.)


Suzanne Casamento said...

No. And I thought I'd read all the teen steam that's out there. ;)