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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Teasers

It’s that time again! Here are the “teasers” found on the back of three YA books. You need to choose which one you would read FIRST (because we know you want to read ALL of them) without knowing the title or who wrote it. If you recognize them, please don’t give it away!

1) “Remember, girl, that dark things crouch in the corners of your mind, things you aren’t aware exist. And so even the gentlest dream can mask a nightmare.”
Jori used to be one of the popular girls in school. Now she keeps to herself. It’s easier to hide the scars that way – the ones from the accident that killed her father. Bitter, betrayed by her best friend, and with her sister Lisa missing, Jori’s beginning to wonder if life will ever get any better.
Then Jori meets an eccentric old man who offers her the chance to enter a mysterious tapestry – the gateway to a magical world where dreams become reality. She’s tempted. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to live out a fantasy, especially when real life can be so hard? But as Jori comes closer to trading away her real life for a dream, she finds out that the deal comes at a terrible price. Will she be strong enough to leave this fantastic world where anything – even reuniting with her father – is possible?

2) It’s an ordinary Saturday night for the teens working at Burger Haven – until guns are drawn and threats are made. Jordan’s just working here part-time after school, but she’s suddenly responsible for half-a-dozen lives when the manager has to leave. Joe has never even gotten so much as an after-school detention. So, how is it that this Saturday night, he’s at Burger Haven, waving a loaded gun, yelling at the employees to get down on the floor NOW! Dylan has always succeeded at his twisted plans – until this Saturday, this robbery, where everything has gone wrong. And now, surrounded by police outside, Dylan’s life will never be the same – and neither will the lives of his hostages.

3) My name is Kestrel. Kestrel Murphy. NEVER call me Susan. Who ever heard of a witch named Susan?
A year ago, I was on the white-magic side. Lately, I’ve been leaning toward the black. I blame the universe. What’s the point in being a nice little white witch in the universe I’ve got? If I could choose my own universe, I’d be a white witch in it. But black makes a lot more sense in this universe.
Not that I’m complaining. A witch never complains. But if I did, I’d have a lot to complain about. For instance: Richard Milhous Nixon High.
What’s a teen witch to do when she’s stuck in the most unmagical high school in the universe? Create her own “majix.” Take notes. And above all, avoid nasty classmates, heartless grown-ups and boys who may prove a little too distracting for a serious teen witch to handle…

Which one catches your eye first?


Saumya said...

I love the first one because it says so much! Plus, starting with something in quotations makes it stand out. Yay!

AlexOngNYC said...

First one!

Breakfast Every Hour

C.E. said...

Oh wow. I'd say 3rd. But that was a hard choice! Can't wait to see what they were from.

Meredith said...

I like the first one! A mysterious tapestry? Awesome.

DLCurran said...

Ooh... they all sound like great reads. Hmmm - for me it would be 1, I think. Or maybe 3? Yeah can't really decide between those two! :)

RaShelle said...

Hi! I'll be the oddball and say #2. I'm interested in knowing what's pushed the boys to this point and what the girl is going to do with the lives she's responsible for. =D Fun!