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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tidy Up Tuesday

Sorry, no Teasers today. It's mid-afternoon, I just got in (from chores, harvest work, rounding up three piglets and finding a lost kitten) and I'll be running back out again, but I wanted to touch base with you all.
First, I was so glad to see Trish Doller get back in the game and have her touch base with me. Good luck with THE NEW NORMAL, Trish! I've been following you for ages, and I'm glad to see things work out for you!
I also want to thank DL Curran at words n' whimsy for giving me a blog award.  Ya, me! Go figure. But not just me. She chose a list of totally awesome blogsters, which makes it that much harder for me to put together another totally awesome list of my own. Just click on her link to check out her list. I'll try to have mine together soon!
You might have notice my bookshelf changed. I read six of the eight books I had on it, and then I joined Fall into Reading 2010 challenge. It's pretty relaxed, but sometimes I just need to be accountable;-) It runs from Sept. 22/10 until December 20/10 - you know -  FALL.
I'm still trying to catch up on all the blogs that joined the THREE blogfests I joined last week. I WILL get to each of you, I promise.
Remember I joined the Contemps Challenge? And did you notice FREEFALL by Mindi Scott on my new bookshelf? And did you know FREEFALL is released on October 5th? And did you know Mindi Scott will be ON MY BLOG October 5th? We are gonna CELEBRATE her debut release here on Musings. Okay, I'm kind of excited! And for those of you who know my maiden name, no unfortunately, Mindi and I are not related. Nor am I related to her husband.
You may have noticed I also added a pup to my profile picture. He's so much more photogenic then I am, was or ever will be.


Jemi Fraser said...

Exciting stuff! Congrats on the award :)

Faith said...

Such a cute little doggie on the profile picture!!! Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on the blog award!