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Friday, September 3, 2010

Reading Goals

Is there anyone out there that remembers the reading goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year? I decided to check if I kept up in any of the areas I said I would. Here are the expectations per month:

2 Writing books
2 YA books
2 fantasy books
1 research book
and 5 writing magazines

Here are the results as of Sept. 1st:

6/16 Writing books
14/16 YA
4/8 BIOs
13/16 fantasy books
0/8 research books
13/40 writing magazines

In my defense, this past winter/spring seasons were the worst in memorable history for our workload on the farm. So much snow slowed us up and caused us to use up ALL the feed we had, when in past years we always had a years' worth in storage. The crops were late getting in, and we had flooding issues in the spring, and we were so busy with it all that I couldn't get around to planting a garden until July, so I said to heck with it. Maybe that's why I've had time for my blog these past couple of weeks, because I'd be elbow-deep in harvesting and freezing everything this time of year:0)


DLCurran said...

Seven books, five magazines, and one bio? Every month? Can I just ask when you thought you'd be able to squeeze in writing? Wow... you rock! I now need to rearrange my schedule... bumping the kids down the priority list would be wrong, wouldn't it...? ;)

Cinette said...

Wait until they're both potty trained, at least. Just kidding! All four of mine are old enough to have at least their learner's permit, so if I don't make supper for them here or there, they can fend for themselves (though there is one of them I wouldn't allow near the stove if she were by herself;-)
I know my list sounds ambitious, but I often do that to myself. It's my own form of self-defeatistism;0)