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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

I've decided. Writing needs to become top priority, not just something I do when I can find a spare minute. This is where I want to be, so why would I deprive myself of being in that groove just to get the house cleaned or the grass cut, or the garden weeded? That stuff will always be there, just waiting for me to do it AGAIN tomorrow, so what's the worry? Time to put living first, not appearances.
We held a fiction group writer's meeting last night, and it was awesome! Jill provided us with an insider's look into the romance genres; what's expected from publishers, the different categories, etc. Lots of good-to-know stuff if considering writing romance. Then Debbie got us all worked up over Internet presence and blogs. You know, that getting-known-before-the-book-deal stuff that unknowns like me need to consider in order to stand a chance out in those churning publishing waters. So we made a pact (such a junior high-ish word) to all start blogs and interview writers and writers-to-be, maybe do some book reviews, etc. All those professional writerly habits.
So, to recap my new goals:
Priority #1: Finish Witches Don't Wear Socks before the end of the year.
Priority #2: Update blog and it's gadgets. Blog entries weekly, minimum.
Priority #3: Keep a picture of my family next to my computer so I can remember what they look like.
Priority #4: Bathe monthly.

That's alot for me to handle. Let's see how things are going by the end of September...


DLCurran said...

Bathing is fourth?? Don't come next week... okay? LOL - great post. I'm with you... next year is ours, Baby! ;)

Kelly Fieger said...

I find it so interesting that we just happened to pick the exact same day for the leaf turning lol. I've locked up the procrastinations in the camping cooler (since summer up here is pretty much over) and will not open it again, I promise!