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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gleaning Wisdom

Over the past weekend, I reviewed past posts from one of my favorite writer-ly websites Storyfix

Larry Brooks did a series of posts on story structure that helped me drop all the pieces of my novel into place. Okay, the pieces of my outline, since I haven't actually finished writing the entire story. But I digress. What I wanted to share with you are the links to the series, in case they may be of help to others. I am in awe of Mr. Brooks' wisdom. Also his no bullsh** approach.

I'm going to give you the first three, and if you like, you can find the rest. Truth be told, I'm not sure that these links will work. I'm not of computer-literate standing. Wish me luck. I'll check these links myself to be sure.

Story Structure - Just Possibly the Holy Grail of Storytelling

Story Structure Series: #1 - Introducing the Four Parts of Story

Story Structure Series: #2 - Milestones Along the 4 -Part Storytelling Road

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