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Friday, April 23, 2010

Witches Don't Wear Socks Chapter one PART II

**(Sorry, something went wacky!)**

Cassie rolled her eyes and then continued with her mascara application. "Where is your school spirit? I can't believe you don't get involved in any school activities. What's wrong with you?"

"I didn't get that gene. Come to think about it, are we even related?" I squeezed around her into the bathroom.

"I'm guessing not." She closed the mascara tube.

"Wait! what's that over there?" I pointed across in front of her to my bedroom doorway.

"Where?" As she turned to look, I gave her a shove, sending her onto the landing, and slammed the bathroom door.

"I wouldn't have fallen for that," I called through the closed door. Then again, in our household, you never know what, or who, could pop up out of nowhere.

If I were Cassie, I'd have convinced the door to melt if someone did that to me, but I'm sure the thought never crossed her mind. Another reason to wonder if we were really sisters.

"Alex is so mean." I heard Raz comment outside the door.

"She's just not a morning person, that's all." Ah, Cassie, forever the optimist. But optimism must come easy to those who live a charmed life.

"She's not a day person, either," Raz retorted.

That was quite true. I was a creature of the night. I spent most of my days among the walking dead. I never seemed to have any energy until the sun went down.

"That was extremely rude, young lady. You should be treating your sisters better than that. They will always be there for you, after all." I looked over my shoulder in the mirror to see my great grandmamma behind me, except she didn't look like herself. Did I mention that you never know what or who'll pop up out of nowhere?

"See?" even an old gal like me can get into the Halloween spirit." She twirled around to show off her flapper dress. And her flapper body. "I was a pretty hot chick in my younger days, don't you think?" She looked to be in her mid-twenties, her hair short, dark and wavy, her skin smooth and rosy, her eyes bright blue and sparkling.

I shivered and made a face. I hated it when people shifted around in different forms. I found it irritating. I suddenly had a visual flash of some of the drawings I had produced lately.

"Don't make such unbecoming faces. It might freeze like that!" Suddenly, her great grandmamma face filled the entire mirror, every wrinkle and crevice amplified. "BOO!"

Like I said, I hated it when people did that.

"But on a more serious note, I have a warning for you," the huge face in the mirror told me.

"Dress up for Halloween or I'll be forced into a pizza party with my class?"

"Much more serious than that, I'm afraid."

"What could be worse than that?"

"It's Halloween, my sweet Alexandria, and the veil gets very thin on this day."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Enough with the attitude, and quit interrupting. You are in danger, young lady."

"Danger?" I was barely awake. "What did I do now?"

She shook her head. Just being who you are, I'm afraid."

Enough said. Nothing good could ever come of being me.

"It's also a new moon. That means the veil becomes even thinner. We will do what we can on this side, but not all the Aspects are under our control. We have our own battles to wage over here."

"What, exactly, are you saying?" People expected way too much of me before I was fully conscious.

"You, my sweet Alexandria, are a beacon in the dark to all that reside on this side of the veil. Good and evil spirits and beings are drawn to you. And chances are that some of those evil beings may make it through the extremely weak barrier that will result at sundown tonight.

"Like I said, we will do what we can to keep them back, but you need to be wary. Protect yourself, and ask your mother to perform some extra protection spells over you before sundown tonight. Oh, and before I forget, Happy Birthday, my sweet, Alexandria." Suddenly, it was my own reflection in the mirror, puffy brown eyes and dark, short, spiky hair sticking out everywhere, and my ever-present silver pentacle necklace standing out against my light brown skin.

"Great. Another wonderful birthday to look forward to."

After spiking my hair a little more and

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