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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I apologize to all (3) of my loyal fans for my prolonged absence. I've been deep in my two writing courses, Scene Fundamentals, and Writing the Young Adult Novel. That is, when I can make time for them. I have some catching up to do there, too.
It's kind of annoying, that I should be focused on Witches, since I'm using it in my courses, and I am making some interesting observations about the characters and plot lines, but my mind decides to run off at the most inopportune times to wrestle with Time Wardens, then tangle with a third, as yet untitled novel idea. I have a whole crop of characters for that one that continue to introduce themselves, interrupting my class work. I've come to the conclusion that I have no choice; I have to become a full-time writer. It has nothing to do with fame or fortune, or even talent, for that matter, but it's where my heart is, and if you ask my husband, my mind is off somewhere other than in the here and now, more often than not. And it's not about cranking out story after story, it's the stories that ask me to tell them. They're all over the place - YA, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and even a murder mystery on a back burner, all plotted out.
I've also been stalking the blogs by Larry Brooks ( and The PlotWhisperer by Martha Alderson, which I'm finding extremely helpful in educating myself about the novel writing process. Now, to get those drafts done, polished, and on the road...


Dwayne said...

Hey Cinette, it's Dwayne from Writers Online Workshops.

Way to go on the website. Congratulations!! Who knew? That class with Jordan worked every single last brain muscle I had. It also pushed me. Many of the scenes I submitted I wrote just for the class.

Your stuff looked pretty hot too!

Good luck with everything.


Cinette said...

My brain muscles are so fatigued that my last assignment wasn't yet fit for public consumption. While trying to write the climactic scene, I ended up writing other scenes that led up to the climax, so once I got there, I was toast. Parts of it didn't feel right, be it not following character or what, I couldn't tell you. But it is a jumping off place, I suppose;-)