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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to Focus

Getting nervous about starting those online writing courses I signed up for, Scene Fundamentals and Writing the YA Novel. I've taken courses from WritersOnlineWorkshops before, so I'm not sure what the nerves are all about. Maybe reading the book Make A Scene is what's making my gut flip. I never realized how much each individual scene was supposed to do.
I've read over the assignments and they aren't impossible or even all that detailed, but then, fear isn't a rational thing, is it?
I seem to be stuck on chapter 5 of Witches, maybe because I don't see everything there that's 'supposed' to be. Why can't I just hammer out the entire first draft and then sweat the other stuff later? Just get the story down, dagnabit!
Well, I got 2 YA books, 2 writing books and 1 biography read in February. I decided to add 1 research book a month to the list as well (the list of books I should be reading every month), but I didn't fit that in yet. The 3 other books I read weren't fantasy books, either, but they were fiction and one was autobiographical. So for March, I need to read 3 writing books, 4 YA, 0 bios, 3 research books and 3 fantasies to be caught up for the year. It's the 9th of the month and I haven't finished even one title yet. And I start Scene Fundamentals on Thursday. When did reading suddenly become a chore?

Monthly Reading List Jan./ Feb.

*2 YA books (chosen field of interest) 0/ 2
*2 writing related books 1 /2
*1 bio/autobiography 1/2
*1 research book (nonfiction) 0/ 0
*2 fantasy/science fiction (chosen fields of interest) 3/ 0

And 5 writing magazines per month, as well

Yes, I'm well aware that I'm behind. But...but, I've been busy! Busier than I want to be. Things are finally slowing down a bit so I can actually get going on MY stuff, not everyone else's. And no Ang and Nick, I will NOT paint your mother's house.

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