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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Hello? Is anyone out there? I'm so sorry about the lapse in entries. I've been buried in my garden for the last two months! I can't believe how much produce I grew in that 20 x 40 plot! Getting it all put up was a real challenge this year. I hope I'm able to make my fall and winter as productive, but in the writing end of things.
Speaking of writing, I haven't penned a word in the last two months, either. In fact, I have over 1400 e-mails in my inbox, because I've been avoiding the computer in general. So I guess I'm back to goal making. Goal attaining would be nice, some day.
I've decided I'm going to start a writer's group. I'm going to talk to a local restaurant owner and aspiring writer and see if he'd be up to hosting it once a month in his business. Wish me luck!
Sometimes I try to tell myself I need others to make me accountable, but it doesn't always work. I've been negligent on my next big writer site account as well, even with others there asking for more. I just can't focus on more than one or two things at a time or I get flustered and sidetracked. Establishing good habits can be very difficult for me. I always thought that when I grew up, things like that would be easier. I also thought that grown ups knew everything. At 40, I still feel ripped-off.

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