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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Announcement

It looks like I had a productive weekend. Not only did I make a number of new friends in the writing profession, I DOUBLED my blog followers! Yes! Doubled!
I found a new passtime to take the place of spider solitare when avoiding writing. Reviewing stories at The (when my internet connection and crappy old computer will allow it). I'm actually getting quite a kick out of it. There are thousands of stories, chapters, articles and poems to choose from, so you don't have to review items that you haven't any experience or interest in. (ME, review poems? Get outta here!) So far, I've been sticking around the young adult genre, and have found a couple very well written novels to follow along. Anyway, I digress. The more reviews I make, the closer I get to being able to submit my own chapters. I've submitted the first two of Witches, and have have favorable reviews that pointed out a few of my bad habits in them that I couldn't even see anymore. I'm getting a rush off this stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Hey My friend... Keep up the good work I know your going to be UBER famous one day.. Dont let the other kids bring you down on the playground. You just go in kicking like you did when Mark Danielles was bugging Barb.