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Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm finding myself in a quandary; I have tons of items on my to-do lists, but I'm not doing any of them. I seem to be overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. If I get going with my spring cleaning list, I don't get anywhere with my writing or my exercise regiment, let alone the garden and yard work, and absolutely no reading gets in either. If I focus on the exercise, my day is half shot after stretching and showers, or hubby says he needs my help for 'a minute or two' and there goes the rest of my day, etc.

Once I focus on something I roll with it, but then everything else is left to the wayside. I can't seem to fit a lot of things into my day, unless they're closely related. A focus issue? Not. A deciding issue? More likely. I feel I'm spread too thin with having to cover everyone else's issues before I can even get to mine. Yesterday, after my day was planned out, my husband came in the house and announced 'we' were branding cattle. Eight hours later, I collapsed on the couch with a slice of pizza, bagged and discouraged. Nothing from my list got done. Again. Is it too much to ask for, wanting to be a fit, healthy writer with a clean house and a presentable yard? I know, the 5 dogs, 4 growing kids and 1 needy husband tend to make these goals a challenge, but I can't seem to even get close on even one of the goals without dropping everything else. Will I ever get caught up, let alone get ahead?

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