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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I've spent 5 hours on raking on the property so far, hosed down the outside of the sun room as well as some patio furniture, washed every window and window screen on the house, cleaned the renovation equipment out of the sun room and swept it out, and even hand-detailed my SUV. I've pulled out the tools I need to work up the garden and plant potatoes this weekend, and my husband wants to brand around sixty head of cattle yet this weekend as well.Oh. Wait. This is my WRITING blog, isn't it?
I did finish cleaning up chapter three and I'm halfway through chapter four. Of course, I want to go back to chapter one and alter a subplot, but I'm not going to let myself just yet.
I'm also rereading Plot by Ansen Dibell, underlining even more stuff than I did the first time I read it six or seven months ago. I also realized while reading it that my chapter one is going to end up as chapter two, and chapter -I don't know, probably chapter 17- will be chapter one in the final draft. Sometimes I wish I could just finish writing the story before I start adding to it and changing it.
I need to make time for more reading. By 8pm, I'm collapsing on the couch in front of the TV instead of the computer or with a book. Now that I've made the sun room livable, maybe I should close myself up in there with one of the stack of new YA titles I've picked up.
I think I need to relax more, anyway. The twitch on the right side of my face is back...

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