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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Learning Experience

There seems to be a lot of surprises on this path of novel writing. I turned to Noah Lukeman (in his book form) The Plot Thickens, for some help as I struggle through this process of producing a reader-worthy novel. It's quite interesting to find out what I, as a reader, most often didn't notice the reasons I either put down or devoured a book. Yeah, there's the obvious ones, like I love or hate the character, but not caring about the character is deadly to the author, or if you aren't given a reason for the character to do what they do. Yes, I know the writer needs to know their characters well, but do we even know why we sometimes do the things we do?

I find I've been obsessing about Witches, but I'm not moving ahead on it just yet, still tinkering with what I've already written, finding I need it to be perfect before I move on, unlike all the advice I find in Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt and almost any other writing related book I've ever read. I can't seem to get over that neurotic tendency. Am I doomed to be one of those wannabes who polishes their first three chapters and never finishes the novel? (So I'm on chapter six, but still...)

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