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Sunday, March 15, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

A friend sent me a similar list like this on facebook, and I found it a challenge to find 25 (honest) quirks of mine. I'm going to do one of these up for each of my characters!

1. I absolutely hate having my picture taken.

2. I have a book fetish. Don’t ask me to choose between sex and books, ‘cause honey, you’ll lose out.

3. I own one pair of jeans and only three good pairs of shoes. My daughters have threatened to put me on What Not To Wear, but found out they don't 'do' western Canada.

4. I despise shopping (re: #3) except in Chapters…( and the local liquor store.)

5. I am a lousy typist. My daughters find it down right painful to watch me type. (Mom! Pleeeaase let me do it!)

6. I’m consistently inconsistent in just about everything. Usually.

7. My jewellery collection fits in a ring box.

8. I’ve learned having four beautiful teenage daughters has it’s own set of problems. Mostly of the teen and college-aged male variety. Not so good when none of my babies even graduate for over another year.

9. I’m an information junkie. Books, magazines, newsletters, cereal boxes, tray liners from McDonald’s, you name it, I’ll read it.

10. My husband thinks I’m weird because I’m always studying license plates.

11. I’m probably one of those drivers that Noel’s always cursing at.

12. Give me my coffee and no one gets hurt.

13. My favorite comfort food is cheese, and I’m lactose intolerant.

14. I buy every exercise magazine I can find and still haven’t lost a pound or found my six-pack abs. (Aren’t they supposed to work by osmosis?)

15. I self-medicate my high anxiety with wine.

16. Even though we all swear it will never happen to us, I’m sounding – and looking –more like my mother every day. (Wait ‘til your father gets home!)

17. I make To-Do lists all the time, but rarely get any of them done.

18. I’ve been studying Buddhism and Wicca, but can’t seem to let go of all that Catholic guilt. Drinking wine isn’t a sin, though, so I drink my guilt away;-) It’s not gluttonous if it only takes two drinks to make you tipsy, right?

19. The older I get, the less surprised I am at the atrocities people commit toward one another. As a child, I always figured that once people grew up, they knew how to behave properly towards others. My biggest shock in life was learning that adults could be just as childish, selfish and petty as children, and ALOT of them still didn’t know how to play nice.

20. Bullies piss me off. You push me, I’ll send you flying, buddy. You mess with the little guy, you’re gonna have to deal with one crank bitch.

21. I miss taekwondo. I think about it every day, and keep telling myself I have to go back soon…

22. I keep a list of all the books I’ve read over the last three years. I hated to pick up a book and start reading, only to find I already knew what was going to happen. And when you read as many books as I have, it happens more often than you’d think. (So many books, so little time.)

23. I hope (no, Cinette, the word is ‘WILL’). I will finish writing at least one novel by November so that I can participate in NANOWRIMO that month. I have two novels in progress as I write this.

24. I know for a fact that parenting is the most difficult job out there. Some days I wish I were a crocodile wrangler rather than a mother of four. It would be less stressful and more productive.

25.I will NOT be one of those moms that suffers empty nest syndrome, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m an introvert and my kids are all extroverts that drain my battery on a daily basis. I enjoy my own company, even if others don’t!

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