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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Proof of My Existence

I've been flipping back and forth from Time Wardens to Witches Don't wear Socks.

I even started on a more therapeutic jaunt into a 'maybe-someday' piece about a young woman meeting a stranger in her taekwondo class and beating him down because her gut told her he was a predator. She'd met enough of them in her past. Off the top of my head, she's going to get obsessive and turn vigilante to prove her gut right. A bit like the IFC movie Hard Candy, I guess. Yes, obviously it's been done. But so have witches and time travel.

Nothing much else to report. Such is my exciting life. WAIT! I have an actual, living, breathing FOLLOWER!!! And she's not even a relative! Thank you, Christy. I no longer question my existence.

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