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Friday, February 13, 2009

Plunking Along

I've been obsessing over Time Wardens, fiddling and know that thing they call revision. I want to put more info on the setting, add a little more internal rantings or flashbacks. I find I can't move on with the next scene -even though I know what happens in it - until I fix everything in the previous chapters. I guess I'm one of those writers that revises as they go; I can't just crank out a first draft and then go from there.

(I had a feeling that was how I would do things. I can't just tidy the house before guests arrive; it has to be spotless - vacuum out the closets, defrost the freezer kind of spotless. Unless the guests are family, then they get to see dirty dishes in my sink! Alas, they also see my rough drafts, my inbetween drafts, and the stuff that will never make it to the cutting room floor.)

I've been playing with the idea of putting in a couple of 'characters' that I know personally, and having them thinly veiled. See if I can get myself sued before I even get published!

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