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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been cruising around blog sites of other writers, agents, and others involved in the writing profession, and I'm reminded of my first revelation when I started university and had to choose my course load. There were courses listed of things I had never even heard of at the time. My revelation? I had no idea - until then - just how much I didn't know. Then, my biggest problem was narrowing down my course list to five subjects. (If you've read my notes on Facebook -25 Random Things - you'll learn that I'm an information whore.) I have a whole lot to learn - not just about writing, but marketing, networking, publishing, etc. And blogging. Lots of interesting author blogs out there, and I could spend all day reading them. But then I don't get any writing done;-).

I had a nightmare the other night that my 4 girls and I plus my eldest daughter's boyfriend spent the night in a haunted house. They all disappeared on me, even though I told them NOT TO MOVE. I woke in a sweat, and decided I needed to write the dream out in short story form, if only to work on putting more feeling into my writing. I'm a cold, shallow person by choice. My four teen daughters provide more than enough drama in our household, so I've adapted the analytical, level-headed role, which doesn't involve getting too worked up about anything. Hence, my writing may be a little cold, as well. Exercises, execises! Back to the drawing board.

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