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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Off I Go

I hit the big 4-0 yesterday.
Now, I have a LIFE LIST of things I planned to do while on this particular earthbound trip, and a number of them were supposed to be completed by my 40th birthday. Like that Taekwondo blackbelt. I got halfway, but then couldn't find the time or energy to fit it in anymore.
... And that pesky business of becoming a published writer. That particular calling has kept me up many a night over the years. I even try to convince myself that I just loved books so much, I only thought I wanted to write them. Funny, I can usually convince myself of numerous fallicies, but that one didn't get off the ground. So I started taking online courses and tried a creative writing course at the college.
I now have two novels in-medias-res, and an assortment of short stories started. The next step-finishing SOMETHING, then submitting. I have that perfectionist streak in me that has me revising and revising and revising again, never sure if it's just right yet.
I've vowed to enter 4 contests in the next 6 months. That gives me time to revise to my heart's content, and still make some progress. Keep on me, keep me focused.

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